• Kırbıyık Kuruyemiş, with its 60 years of experience, from today to today; produces chickpea products, coated products, bean group, carob, oleaster.

    In addition, Kırbıyık Kuruyemiş has been producing corn with sauce for 5 years. It is a preferred company in the sector with its quality drawn corn with sauce.

    With the care of our farmers, the products are brought directly from our farmers with all natural products at the right time. In our 5000m2 facility, it is subjected to technical processes such as washing, stone screening, sortex, color separation according to the product type with the latest technology and stored in raw material warehouses for use in production. According to the production planning made in accordance with the order flow, raw materials are prepared in other uniforms and other uniforms.

    Our first goal is to address the needs and expectations of our customers in an open, transparent, fast, reliable and customer-oriented manner, with the understanding of providing quality service.