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Since 1966 ...

Our company responds to its domestic and foreign customers with its experienced staff. Our company, which has started export since 1988, pays attention to the minimum measure at the maximum price in quality. Our main production and export products selected from the highest quality raw materials, such as White Chickpeas, Yellow Chickpeas, Chickpeas, Crunchy Chickpeas, Pumpkin Seeds, Hazelnut (Raw-Roasted) ...

With the developing technology, we are proud to offer you products with higher quality, taste and longer shelf life as a result of the R&D activities carried out by our Food Engineers in our company, which takes the technology development support of KOSGEB by planning the Strategic Road Map.

In the selection of materials and in our prescriptions, synthetic (artificial) substances were especially avoided and natural materials were preferred. It makes maximum effort to deliver these valuable products to the consumer with the same taste. Since 1966… To give the best taste, quality nuts and the best service to the Turkish palate, always leave it to the appreciation and see your preferences, live… We express our gratitude for this happiness with love. With this understanding, KIRBIYIK will continue to serve you with the same longing and determination for many more years.

The products processed in our factory are bought from the producer by our experienced personnel from various regions with great care and care. The products transported in our factory are subjected to various processes, divided into sizes and classes and made ready for roasting.

In this respect, our shots are raw (not roasted) and roasted. It is passed on to the consumer by the buyer companies. Our organization, which has gone through various stages from 1966 to this day and has been serving you, is honored with its 40-year history.